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Building Information

Fire and Egress doors to be included in this Quote

We group your Fire Rated, Smoke and Egress Doors into 3 Priority Groups as per their location and status in any "Life Safety" Escape plan, as well as the level of access that is available for these DOORS during an inspection process
Priority 1 - Doors in this Group are the most critical in any facility, because they are designed to provide a safe, secure, unencumbered, evacuation route, in the event of and emergency
Priority 2 - Doors in this Group are limited access openings which are "KEY CONTROLED" by Management Example Meeting Rooms, Storage Room, Mechanical/Electrical Closets, Etc.
Priority 3 - Doors in this Group are also Limited access openings which are "KEY CONTROLLED" by Tenants We in most cases do not include priority 3 doors in are quote unless you specifically request them to be inspected.
Remember these are any public area doors, such as Stairwell door, Cross-Corridor Doors, Public Area Doors, Entrance Doors, Exit Doors, Public Restroom Doors, Etc.
Remember these are doors which anr "KEY CONROLLED" by the Management of the Building, such as Storage, Mechanical/Electrical Rooms, Etc.
Building Plans, Door Schedules, Fire Marshall or CMS Violation Notices. Etc.
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