3 Ways How Annual Fire Door Inspections Can Save Lives

In any given building it is important to have all components of a fire safety system working properly to ensure your building’s overall protection. A fire door is a vital component in any building’s security infrastructure. It is helpful in halting the spread of fire and other harmful toxic fumes.

If your fire doors are not working, then your building and its occupants are at risk. Knowing this is not a comforting feeling, which is why annual fire door inspections are necessary.

Hire a Fire Inspection Team

The most important part of ensuring the protection of your fire door system is to engage a service provider that is reputable and has expertise in fire door inspection.

Through these three steps, fire inspectors make sure that your fire doors are functional at all times.

1. All Openings Are functional

Inspectors will check all the openings and see whether they are functional. They evaluate the capacity of these openings. They come up with several exit options, and analyze whether all of them can be executed in a time of emergency. This process entails new installments, repairing the old infrastructure, and/or replacing openings with a new system all together.

A fire door inspector will recommend whatever is needed to optimize safety.

2. All Hinges Are Fixed

Inspectors check all the hinges on any fixtures at your place. Usually there are three or more hinges, which protect the door from detaching in case of a fire. Other than that, the team also checks whether all these hinges are fixed well in their places with screws. In case of any missing part or damage, the team includes it in their report and fixes it.

3. Check All Door Gaps

The team will also look at the gaps around the door and check whether they are more than 4mm around the doors and 8mm from below. This gap also depends on the type of the door. The aim is to verify that the gaps are so wide that the smoke could escape from them.

If you’re looking for a credible service provider, look no further than

National Firedoor is not only fully qualified at what we do but we make it a point to hire former and current fire-fighters.

This gives them an edge in analyzing any building for threats and providing recommendations dealing with those threats. With us on board, you can sit back and relax while our team will take care of everything else.  Our fire door inspectors are experts in surveying any site and confirming if it meets the best fire security standards or not. We will provide you with a customized report and to minimize damage in case a fire does spread. The last thing you want is for the fire to take a toll on your employees’ health or lives. On top of the usual


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